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Licensing Heading

Licensing package from
for unlimited showings for a year in your church

Why not open the doors of your church on a Friday or Saturday night and invite the community to a "Movie Night" at your church?  This is a great way to minister to your community and reach those who would never attend a Sunday morning service, but may come to see a movie on a "Movie Night."  We want to help you reach out to your community.  That is why we are offering a very inexpensive licensing agreement.  For only $99.00 you can license our film and play it an unlimted number of times for the period of one year.

You can either charge admission to see the film like a movie theater would do, or you can offer it for free as a way to minister to the community.  That will be totally up to you. 

Whether you want to have a "date night" or a community "movie night,"  we want to help you have a successful showing of our film at your church.  To obtain a license from us, simply contact us to discuss the process.

Licensing What
What is a movie licensing agreement and why do we need one to play the movie at our church or event?

Our movie, "Redemption" is copyright protected and allows for the purchaser to view the movie in their home only.  Just like all films, this movie has the same rights according to the copyright laws.  It is illegal to play any film in a group setting without a licensing agreement from the copyright owner of the film.

We have created an inexpensive licensing agreement that allows you to purchase the rights to play (screen) our film for one year unlimited number of times for your congregation or group.  Basically, we are allowing you to become like a movie theater.  This licensing agreement does not give you the right or permission to duplicate the film in any format.  However, we do offer great prices on bulk sales in the event you want to offer the movie for sale after the showing.